Rules and Regulations of Residence Crir˛

1 - The apartment cannot be occupied by a superior number of persons than the one indicated in the price list.

2 - The agreed price comprises an apartment in optimal state, including furniture, kitchenware (pots and pans, cutlery, dishes), bed and bath linens, blankets, etc.(see inventory). 

The price comprises the normal consumption of water, gas, electric power and final cleaning, (except point 6 and 7) and the insurance of instant intervention for small maintenances.  The repairs are to the charge of the lessor, unless they are directly imputable to the guest for incorrect use of the apartment.

3 - The reservation is held confirmed, with previous agreement, with the transfer of funds within 3 days from the request of a deposit equal  to 30% of the cost of the stay (as guarantee by credit card) and with the signing of the relative contract.  The customer will have to pay the outstanding balance the day of arrival, with the delivery of the apartment, moreover to supply documents and the names and addresses of the persons who will occupy it.

4 - A weekly stay begins on Saturday from the hours 16,00 to 19,00 and finishes before the hour 10,00 of the day of departure defined in the contract.  Arrival and departure times different from those indicated in the contract are only permitted at the discretion of the lessor and must be agreed to beforehand.

5- Cancellations must be communicated by the customer in written form within 30 days from the reservation and not inferior to 30 days before the first day of the reserved stay.  The paid deposit is withheld as compensation for the lessor, of which an amount of up to 50% may be reimbursed in the case of an eventual stay. If the cancellation takes place on the first day of the reserved stay, the entire price of the reserved stay must be paid in full.

6- The apartment, the furniture and all objects must be left in the same, good state in which they were entrusted to the guests at the beginning of the stay. With the delivery of the keys, a security deposit of Euro 300,00 must be left by the guests that will be returned to the guests at the end of the stay, minus payment for any damages.

7- If the day of the departure, dirty dishes, dirty refrigerator and trash of any kind are found in the apartment, the sum of Euro 30,00 will be withheld from the security deposit for final cleaning.

8- Animals are not allowed.

9- In order to guarantee serenity and rest to all the guests of the residence, it is forbidden to wear clogs or noisy shoes, to drag furniture and chairs, and to keep the radio, tv and voice at a high volume. 
We ask that this silence is respected above all during the following hours of rest: 2.00 pm
- 4.00 pm  and  11.00 pm - 8.00 am.

10- It is strictly prohibited to throw or to make objects fall on the balconies located below.

11- The lessor is relieved from every eventual responsibility for the missing of belongings and goods of value or monies of the guest that are held in the apartment.

12- The lessor can, with given warning to the guest, have others who are interested view the apartment during the period of stay.

13- In order to guarantee the availability of the laundry room to all the guests of the residence, the timetables that are posted in the laundry room must be respected.

14- Non-compliance with the terms indicated above, the lessor has the faculty of immediate dissolution of the lease.  

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